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Current Release

Downloads come as *.zip, *.tar.gz, or *.dmg archives. On macOS, you must drag the included *.app file out of your ~/Downloads folder to avoid translocation; mv will not work. On Windows, you must confirm a SmartScreen warning since executables are not yet code-signed.

  Version Support Link
macOS (unified) 6.0
Windows (x64) 6.0
Linux (x64) 6.0
Linux (ARMv8) 6.0
All-in-One (64-bit) 6.0
32-bit Bundles 6.0

❤️ Please help us keep our infrastructure up and running, which includes this website, our mailing lists, and code repositories. ❤️

Current Trunk Image

Current Trunk Image

You can always take a look at the progress in the latest alpha version. Feel free to participate with commits to the inbox. Alpha versions are not expected to be stable. Make sure to also get the latest VM.

Trunk Image


Custom Installation

The Squeak/Smalltalk programming system consists of three parts:

  • a virtual machine for your platform,
  • both image and changes files of a particular version, and
  • a sources file for the particular image file.

The image, changes, and sources files should be kept in the same folder. The base name of the image file must match the one of the changes file.

Windows/macOS: You can either drag the image file onto the virtual machine or double click the virtual machine. If there is more than one image file in the folder, a window will appear asking you which one to open.

Linux: Make sure that you have X11 installed, and that the script is executable. For 32-bit Squeak on a 64-bit platform, also have 32-bit libraries installed. Run the script with the image file as a parameter.

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

The virtual machine (VM) executes Squeak image files on a particular platform. There may be more recent versions here than ones included in the all-in-one package.

  Support Link
OpenSmalltalk VMs (stable)
OpenSmalltalk VMs (trunk)
Classic VMs RISC OS
Classic VMs (Interpreter) RISC OS
Image and Changes

Image and Changes

The image file contains a snapshot of all living objects in Squeak. The changes file represents a textual log of all source code run and modified—it is like a simple, local versions database.

  Version Link
Release (64-bit) 6.0-22148
Release (32-bit) 6.0-22148
Trunk 6.1alpha


The sources file contains all source code of the base system. Just like the changes file, it also includes comments, time stamps, and custom formatting.

  Version Link
Current Sources 6.0


The first version of Squeak was released in 1996 at Apple Computer. It is a direct descendant of Smalltalk-80. While Squeak still supports the Model-View-Controller (MVC) model, its preferred UI framework is Morphic, which has been derived from the framework of the same name developed for Self.

Squeak is a self-supporting system that allows to generate new virtual machines (VMs) mostly from Smalltalk code. Originally developed on the Macintosh, members of its user community have since ported it to numerous platforms including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Squeak v6

Squeak v6

  Version Date Link
64-bit Bundles 6.0 Jul 2022
32-bit Bundles 6.0 Jul 2022
Sources 6.0 Jul 2022
Release Notes 6.0  
Squeak v5

Squeak v5

  Version Date Link
64-bit Bundles 5.3 Mar 2020
32-bit Bundles 5.3 Mar 2020
64-bit Bundles 5.2 Oct 2018
32-bit Bundles 5.2 Oct 2018
64-bit Bundles 5.1 Aug 2016
32-bit Bundles 5.1 Aug 2016
All-in-One 5.0 Jul 2015
Custom 5.0 Jul 2015
Sources 5.0 Jul 2015
Release Notes 5.3  
Release Notes 5.2  
Release Notes 5.1  
Release Notes 5.0  
Squeak v4

Squeak v4

  Version Date Link
All-in-One 4.6 Jul 2015
All-in-One 4.5 Oct 2014
All-in-One 4.4 Jan 2013
All-in-One 4.3 Jan 2012
All-in-One 4.2 Feb 2011
All-in-One 4.1 Apr 2010
Win, Unix, Mac 4.0 Mar 2010
Sources 4.6 Jul 2015
Sources 4.1 Mar 2010
Sources 4.0 Mar 2010
Release Notes 4.6  
Release Notes 4.5b  
Release Notes 4.5a  
Release Notes 4.4  
Release Notes 4.2  
Squeak v3

Squeak v3

  Version Date Link
Image only v3.10 gamma May 2008
Win, Unix, Mac 3.9.1 Mar 2008
Win, Unix, Mac 3.8.1 Oct 2006
Win, Unix, Mac 3.7 Sep 2004
Win, Unix, Mac 3.6 Jan 2004
Win, Unix, Mac 3.5 Sep 2003
Win, Unix, Mac 3.4 Mar 2003
Image only 3.3 alpha Oct 2002
Win, Unix, Mac 3.2 Sep 2002
Image only v3.1 beta Sep 2001
Win, Unix, Mac 3.0 Jun 2001
Sources 3.9 Sep 2006
Sources 3 Mar 2001
Release Notes 3.10  
Release Notes 3.8  
Squeak v2

Squeak v2

  Version Date Link
VM and image 2.8 Aug 2000
VM and image 2.7 Jan 2000
VM and image 2.6 Oct 1999
VM and image 2.5 Aug 1999
VM and image 2.4c May 1999
VM and image 2.3 Jan 1999
VM and image 2.2 Sep 1998
VM and image 2.1 Aug 1998
VM and image 2.0 May 1998
Sources 2 May 1999
Release Notes 2.4  
Release Notes 2.2  
Squeak v1

Squeak v1

  Version Date Link
VM and image 1.3 Jan 1998
VM and image 1.2 Jul 1997
VM and image 1.1 Oct 1996
Sources 1 Oct 1996
Release Notes 1.x  

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